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Do you have trouble sleeping?
Racing thoughts?
Can’t relax?
Suffer from nightmares?
Perhaps you’re ready to learn meditation?
Develop your dream life?
Or, learn how to lucid dream?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we might be a good fit for one another.

Just book an initial phone or Skype session and relax knowing
that you’ve taken the first step toward improving your quality of life.

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(Updated 25 July 2017)

Yoga Nidra:
The Art of Deep Relaxation

Infinity Yoga
Atlanta, GA
19 Aug. 2017

Floyd Yoga Jam
Willis, VA
31 Aug. - 3 Sept. 2017

Yoga Nidra Teacher Immersion
Sacred Chill {West}
Atlanta, GA
15-17 Sept. 2017

300-hr YTT Module: Pranayam, etc.
Kodawari Yoga Studio
Tampa, FL
20-22 & 27-29 Oct. 2017

300-hr YTT Module:
Yoga Psychology

Kodawari Yoga Studio
Tampa, FL
09-11 & 16-18 Feb. 2018

300-hr YTT Module:
Yoga Nidra

Kodawari Yoga Studio
Tampa, FL
23-25 Mar. 2018

Nick Atlas - Yoga Teacher in Atlanta

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