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Designed to bring relief to the millions of people suffering from any number of forms of insomnia, sleep deprivation, migraine, chronic pain and/or stress, Yoga Sleep Therapy® offers a specialized combination of gentle postures, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques to help you unwind, fall asleep, and sleep soundly through the night. Interweaving the wisdom of Yoga, Qigong, Mindfulness, Yin & Restorative practices, ecstatic dance, music-making and creative dreamwork, Yoga Sleep Therapy® is at the cutting-edge of complimentary medicine yet remains accessible to a complete beginner.

At its core is Yoga Nidra, a profound contemplative practice that leads to lasting psychological, physical and spiritual growth and supports being at ease in every life circumstance. Evidence-based research has shown the effectiveness of Yoga Nidra in treating hypertension, anxiety, depression, sleep disorders and chemical dependency, and its far-reaching benefits have been successfully employed in the treatment of veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress, as well as by schools in helping children to express their emotions and build a healthy sense of self.

Additionally, Yoga Sleep Therapy® brings awareness to the behavioral patterns that prevent us from accessing long-lasting peace. Yoga Sleep Therapy® helps us to establish positive routines to quiet the mind, relieve the body, and to uncover and flush out the roots of suffering. This groundbreaking, integrative approach to healing can be used in personal practice and yoga classes as well as in clinical and medical settings. You will

• learn practical morning and bedtime routines to promote optimum relaxation and self-healing while inviting sleep naturally
• release tension and calm the nerves via guided relaxation, breathwork, and visualization practices
• address lifestyle choices that support sleep and what to do when waking during the night
• engage in stimulating discussion, question & answer and journaling exercises
• harness the restorative power of a peaceful, integrated sleep, dream and waking life

In addition to international workshops, we currently offer individualized sessions in person or remotely via phone or Skype. Please contact us directly for more information and to set up an appointment.

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